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Modexpress goes global!

By Sponsor

11 Oct 2021


With the recent opening of offices in Amsterdam Airport, Rotterdam and Casablanca in Morocco, Modexpress has taken another step fitting its aspiration to become an End to End service provider for customers in the fashion, footwear and lifestyle industries. This step very much supports the transformation journey we are taking to offer complete B2B and B2C solutions, from production country to consignee.

Adding these new opportunities to our existing logistics and services portfolio will enable us to serve customers even better by significantly increasing our global coverage!

The transport portfolio contains the full range of services by ocean, air and road from origin to destination. Services which include origin consolidation, order management, freight management services, customs, exception management and 4PL supply chain management. Throughout the whole process, the customer gets full visibility about the order details, tracing information and relevant updates.

The new services are an extension of the broad service package that Modexpress already offers in the field of order fulfillment and returns handling for retail, wholesale and e-commerce companies in the fashion and lifestyle industries.

Now the recovery of the covid-pandemic has started, it is essential to select the right logistics service provider, being able to assist in building competitive advantage and strengthen the omni channel solutions. The chosen logistics service provider, such as Modexpress, needs to have the expertise, experience and buying power to support you in your journey towards success.

Our advice is that you concentrate on what you can do best; developing, marketing, selling products, and let Modexpress concentrate on what we are superb in; fulfilling and delivering your orders all the way from origin to destination, including complete customer care. We invite you to join us!

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