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Modexpress – More than Fashion Logistics !

By Sponsor

5 Mar 2021



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented global economic shock. The world looked and still looks different, and the fashion industry is no exception. Given the extreme jeopardy the industry has faced, there is no simple playbook for the running year. However, the numerous trends the Corona pandemic has accelerated are clear, including a substantial shift to e-commerce shopping.

Although no one in the industry foresaw the intensity of this crisis, some fashion houses discovered that they were better equipped than others - largely because of their logistics set up.

Many e-commerce operations faced serious pressure, as consumers massively turned to online shopping - many of them even for the first time ever. As result, some brands had the largest traffic flows in their history and the e-commerce sites could not handle the traffic increases, that were many times larger than in previous periods. Needless to mention, that the drastic increases placed tremendous pressure on supply chains, but there is no doubt that digital shopping is here to stay!

Customer expectations

Meeting the customer's online expectation is crucial, whereby fast and proper fulfilment is a key factor in this. As Fashion Logistics Service Provider, Modexpress realised it needed to be able to drastically extend capabilities in fulfilment and last mile services. This to create customer satisfaction to its global customer base. It is obvious that the newest requirements for speed and flexibility of the supply chain, will remain and Modexpress has anticipated on this new reality.

MX connect

With its state of the art software ,,MX Connect,, Modexpress anticipated on the future and supports its customers to sell through each possible channel. Modexpress goes beyond the standard logistics processes and unburdens the customer by delivering a platform, in which data enrichment for sales channels is set up. It does not matter through which channel the brand sells: Modexpress gets its customers connected fast to any platform. This without the need to drastic changes in the software of the customer.

The ideal Logistic Service Provider that builds competitive advantage and strengthen the business for the omnichannel of the future, is fully aware of all regulations. But at the same time flexible, innovative and supportive. Modexpress represents all these elements.

Join Modexpress

Our advice to you is to concentrate on what you can do best: developing, marketing and selling products. And let Modexpress concentrate of what we are superb in: fulfilling and delivering orders and complete customer care.

With MX connect: we are more than your Logistic partner, join us!

Contact : commerce@modexpress.eu
Cor.Noorlander@modexpress.eu mobile : + 31650832785
Jan.Kuipers@modexpress.eu mobile : + 31653109588