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Modexpress: Offering Global Fashion fulfilment tailored to your needs

By Sponsor

31 Aug 2020


Intelligent, specialized warehousing solutions and supply chain fixes, are a must for any brand or retailer looking to succeed within the fashion industry. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the need for fast, reliable and safe tailor-made solutions for international logistics has become even more vital. But overseeing an entire supply chain can be complex - which is why Modexpress offers to take on the entire process.

Modexpress leverages over 35 years of experience to offer its clients the best international fashion fulfilment services. From managing supply chains, shipping products and reliable stock management, Modexpress has the right solution for every warehousing and supply chain requirement. Headquartered in the Netherlands and working with clients such as Suitsupply, NA-KD, Mc Gregor New York, TK Maxx and America Today, Modexpress oversees millions of orders to online retailers, physical stores and consumers from its state-of-the-art warehouses located in the Netherlands. Thanks to their intelligent use of technology, data and an ever-growing team, Modexpress has grown to become the leading provider of international fashion logistics.

"The world that we are very active in, is fashion and lifestyle," says Cor Noorlander, Chief Commercial Officer at Modexpress. 99 percent of the company's business stems from the apparel and footwear industry, which means the company has developed industry-specific solutions which are in line with their needs. When it comes to its warehouse services, Modexpress works from six facilities in strategic locations to shorten the time to market. After receiving products from their customers and checking everything from quality control to products coming and taxes, they are securely transported to one of their warehouses.

Operating under an E type customer license and supported by a best-in-class Warehouse Management and Duty Management system, products are safely and securely stored before orders are received from clients, either retailers, wholesale retailers or e-commerce players. "At this moment, e-commerce accounts for 45 percent of our business. It's clear that this sales channel really received a push and was further developed with the outbreak of COVID-19," adds Noorlander, who notes that the global virus had a significant impact on their business - but in a positive way.

After implementing social-distancing measures for order pickers, extra hygiene and safety measures, Modexpress was about to continue fulfilling orders and offering warehouse solutions to their clients around the world, while other countries went into full lockdown. "Although from a logistic perspective, we were not able to physically process as many orders, as usual, all of our clients understood, and were incredibly supportive - all of our client relationships have even further strengthened."

Working with a staff of approximately 550 fixed employees, plus an additional 300 extra temporary workers, Modexpress can scale its operations up or down, depending on their clients' needs. For example, during a sale or the busier seasonal period, the company can bring in more flex workers to help manage the influx of orders. Once orders come in, they are then shipped to retailers and wholesale clients via the company's own fleet or parcel carriers such as UPS and DHL. And when products are returned, either after a few days or at the end of the season, Modexpress is also able to swiftly process and sort all returns. Clients can choose to grade all returns with an A, B or C label before Modexpress resorts them accordingly.

The company prides itself for offering the same level and speed of service for returns as well as out the original inbound. By offering flexible solutions, their clients can respond to any market changes at an even faster speed. Their full offering of warehouse services includes specialists picking principles, real-time stock insight and updates to ensure the physical warehouse stock and system information are current as well as packaging, sample management and quality control.

In addition, Modexpress can also oversee the customs requirements regarding the importing and exporting of client products and act as a fiscal representative of international fashion companies. "For example, if a non-resident fashion firm is selling taxable goods in the EU, the company needs to register for VAT purposes. Modexpress takes care of the registration and submits the VAT returns, EU sales listing and Intrastat declarations. By making use of such services, non-resident companies are excluded from paying VAT upon importation," explains Noorlander.

"If you are an American company or Australian company and you want to conquer Europe, then you need to have legal and fiscal representation. This is something we offer." This service makes it much easier for international companies to sell their goods in Europe, to test out the market and appetite for their products, without them having to set up a legal entity. If the interface regarding the sales channel is working seamlessly, a new international client can begin selling their products with Modexpress within a very short time frame - making them the ideal entry point company for those looking to expand efficiently in Europe.

Over the past years, Modexpress has doubled in both terms of profit and workers, in part due to the e-commerce boom, making them one of the most specialized and experienced logistical fashion fulfilment companies. Next to their value-added services, they also have tailor-made solutions available for clients, such as allowing them the choice to merge different sales channel into a single system and operating from one key logistical point. "With 25 years of focusing in fashion logistics and over 10 years of e-commerce experience, we really know the needs of the industry in and out."