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Neocles: The future of fashion wholesale buying and selling

By Sponsor

16 Sep 2020

When it comes to wholesale buying and selling, Neocles is disrupting the industry with its innovative, efficient and intelligent system. Neocles reduces barriers to purchasing and provides an Instagram-like canvas for frequent and authentic storytelling by the brands.

The tech firm recognises that fashion wholesaling is challenging and unique. Retailers are fighting for survival against online e-commerce while trying to serve customers who are less loyal. There is a greater demand from retailers for the bulk of the risk to be carried by the brand. They want to carry as little stock as possible, to buy that stock as late as possible, all while taking advantage of next-day delivery.

This fashion battlefield, explains Neocles, demands that we imagine digital buyer/seller interaction in a new and bold way. Neocles achieves this by building a system which is so compelling to use that both buyers and sellers use it several times per day.

“Neocles was built for buyers,” said John Scully, chief executive of Neocles. “To give buyers the tools to make it easier for them to buy products while making it as easy as Google or Instagram to use.”

Scully added: “If we had built this for the brands only, it would have ended up very complex. The whole idea is that a shop owner is able to log-on, execute their business and log-off again from the web or mobile application, without any instruction booklets.”

Close the B2B buyer experience gap with Neocles

Everything about the platform, which is fully web and mobile-capable, is about enhancing the experience for the buyer.

The frictionless nature of the platform allows brands to tap into the long tail retailer segment, which most brands neglect as they find it too hard to manage the complex selling and fulfilment processes.

It does that by facilitating powerful online brand storytelling, real-time consumer intelligence, and pricing flexibility, all while being responsive to the 24/7 digital economy as well as the retailer’s needs.

Retail is in a state of flux, as is wholesale. Technology is disrupting what was once seasonal trade, often based around multiple collection lifecycles, face-to-face meetings and catalogues. Companies are using innovative ways to excite and energise retailers by telling their own stories, allowing them to be more competitive, to drop more frequent collections, and to offer a personalised approach to retailers.

“The typical brand’s B2B buying experience is woefully out of sync with modern retailer expectations. It’s too manual, it’s too error-prone, it’s too slow and inefficient and is simply not personalised enough for the increasingly sophisticated retail buyer,” notes Scully.

Neocles - the 4 Es

Energise your channels—Get retailers excited about and committed to the brand and product story over those of competitors through state-of-the-art interactive storytelling.
Engage your channels—By providing tools and data that allow buyers to order the right product in the right quantities at the right time Neocles ensure it is delivered to the right place so the business flourishes.

Execute retailer-facing B2B processes effectively—Reduce inefficiencies and costs in the ordering and reordering processes.
Engineer digital agility into brand wholesale operations - so brands deliver the right product to your customers at the right price - all powered by data.

Targeted fashion wholesale by integrating storytelling with sales

Neocles is a radically different transactional platform that puts the tooling into the hands of the brand’s employees. Not just the marketing and creative teams, but every employee. It empowers them to share their own product stories, much like a commercial Instagram, using digital catwalks, interactive videos, live-streaming showrooms and 3D modelling.

There is a fight to win retailer loyalty. Retailers expect brands to do more - to make stronger, more compelling cases for their products as well as adapting to more agile ways of working. By taking relationships online, it can mean making transactions quicker, more efficient and more successful, for both brands and buyers.

“A lot of brands believed until recently that they are in control of the relationship with retailers and that showcasing their story and products in face-to-face meetings and via catalogues is best practice,” adds the tech firm.

Neocles technology allows brands to energise their retailers with powerful, consistent storytelling about their collections. For retailers, they get access to data and tools to help them make smarter purchase decisions at times and in quantities they want. While both get access to real-time buyer data and insight, meaning improved and optimised promotional campaigns and product suggestions.

"You have to be cautious around predicting what people want. You have to approach data-driven collections carefully and humbly. We believe, philosophically, that the buyer knows best, so we're going to leverage that and augment that interaction. Neocles helps with that interaction in a very careful and diligent way,” Scully adds.

Neocles - trusted by the world’s leading brands

Currently, Neocles has five global brands using the platform Bestseller, Puma, Ecco, Esprit, and American sports brand, Brooks Running.

For Bestseller, they’ve embraced the technology to unlock data to enable buyers and sellers to make better sales decisions with a creative and engaging customised B2B platform for all of its individual brands.

The international fashion group, with more than 15 brands, has transformed the way they sell to their B2B customers through the use of 'Direct'. This enables, through the Neocles platform, the ability to sell digitally 'face-to-face' through live streaming, as well as allowing the live-feed to be saved and viewed on the platform for retailers unable to tune in live.

They’ve also made the fashion buying process fun. By utilising creative ways to engage with their retailers, from catwalk showcases, where the buyer can select products off the model to highlighting key collections with digitalised ‘shop the look’ lookbooks featuring videos, alongside model and product shots.

If you are a brand, you need to be implementing these digital tools yesterday. Based in Amsterdam, Neocles build and run the world’s most successful B2B sales platform for global sport

and fashion brands. Everything we build is motivated by the urge to improve the business of our clients. We use in-depth knowledge of the sport and fashion industry to generate higher sales, lower cost and more efficiency while delivering a high-end brand experience at the same time.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Book a demo of the Neocles platform on our website to find out how we can help you simplify your online business and help you grow sales intelligently with the use of data and storytelling.

Images: courtesy of Neocles