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PARCEL.ONE: The future of the last mile and strategies for logistics

By Sponsor

21 Jul 2021


Logistics processes can be complex. Especially when it comes to international shipping, many vendors and brands shy away from the issue of the "last mile”. However, it also offers an opportunity that tends to be underestimated when it comes to bringing new customers to your company.

Digitisation has transformed the retail landscape forever. This doesn't have to be a bad thing – on the contrary, online business can connect small retailers in particular to a whole world full of potential customers. At the same time, thinking internationally is very worthwhile. Why not have new customers in India, Eastern Europe or even China, which are all growth markets?

Cross-border commerce boosts sales for retailers, giving them more possibilities and more (potential) customers. "Many German retailers only ship to the DACH region because they are intimidated by the high costs of international shipping," explains Micha Augstein, founder of PARCEL.ONE. "However, if international shipping is handled the right way and the local customs of consumers are taken into account, the possibilities are endless." PARCEL.ONE acts as a partner for retailers and brands and reduces complexity within the logistics process. "PARCEL.ONE's expertise takes care of this complex task for retailers and brands."

Fulfilment and brand loyalty

Market leaders set high standards. Customers want fast, free and - particularly in the fashion industry – no-nonsense return shipping. "Logistics is not only about getting a parcel from A to B. For me, it's about fulfilment, brand loyalty and happy customers. Giving customers the service they expect turns them into brand fans." To ensure this, today's brands must stock their own warehouse at each of their locations for every marketplace so that the platforms are able to meet their delivery times. The result is huge inventories spread across numerous target countries and marketplaces. The solution? In the future, brands will no longer rely solely on marketplace fulfilment, but will also set up their own logistics.

"We are the independent service provider they need and are capable of serving all customers from the relevant marketplaces in accordance with the standards in their country.“

Micha Augstein, founder of PARCEL.ONE

For international shipping in particular, there are various mechanisms and tricks for saving money or generating margins that you need to know. "We specialise in cross-border commerce" explains Micha Augstein, "so we can advise companies accordingly. Affordable and easy to incorporate."

PARCEL.ONE knows what international customers want

Logistics (particularly the last mile) is often an underestimated success factor for customer satisfaction. In e-commerce, logistics is of critical importance when it comes to satisfied customers. For many customers, the last mile in particular is what determines how they perceive their shopping experience. In Germany, we like parcels to be delivered to our homes. But that's not the case everywhere. "In Scandinavia, for example, 85 percent of recipients wish to have their packages delivered to a parcel station" – shipping partners should be aware of this.

When it comes to e-commerce, focusing on sustainability is absolutely essential. Customers wish for and demand a demonstrably higher level of sustainability for products and logistics processes. Sustainable business practices (and shipping) offer genuine added value that can set you apart from the competition. "Together with our customers, we develop an individual sustainability concept. "Younger customers in particular appreciate CO2-neutral shipping." explains Augstein. "And this is also important to us."

PARCEL.ONE and Micha Augstein have logistics expertise, extensive experience and know what they're talking about. Contact them today for your company: www.parcel.one