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PTTRNS.ai accelerates digital innovation in fashion

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PTTRNS.ai accelerates digital innovation in fashion with applied artificial intelligence and 3D visualisation.

PTTRNS.ai, a fast-growing scale-up, has launched in the Netherlands. PTTRNS.ai is dedicated to empower fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and (online) retailers to optimise their processes and accelerate digital innovation so they can address the changing behaviours of consumers. PTTRNS.ai uses the unique combination of data science, artificial intelligence and 3D visualisation to help brands and retailers achieve increased conversion and customer loyalty, deepened brand relations, reduced returns and elaborate customer insights.

Data and customer engagement to increase conversion and brand engagement. It is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to find products. On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands and (online) retailers to be visible with the right and targeted product range. To support fashion companies to stay relevant and connected to the changing market, PTTRNS.ai centralizes business relevancy and digital customer behaviours such as search, personalisation and interactivity.

The 25 specialists at PTTRNS.ai build and integrate concrete and pragmatic solutions that digitize processes, take intelligent action based on data, engage customers with interactive experiences and realize personalization. Example solutions we have developed are automatic sorting and enrichment of product information, data-driven personas and customer segmentation, visual search and find, product configurators, smart mirrors and product recommenders.

Consumers want personalised solutions and experiences. “We notice a big demand for personalisation from consumers. People are curious about interactive experiences and personal recommendations. For example, for one of the artificial intelligence recommender solutions we developed, 10% of the customer-base used the recommender on the first day. Based on consumer reviews, we know that 84% of personal recommendations are spot-on. Our self-learning algorithms promise to improve that score as we speak. On top of that, our client saw a huge increase in their customer base and purchases due to the attention given to the personalisation solution.” according to Jelle Stienstra digital strategy director at PTTRNS.ai. Curious to discover the possibilities of artificial intelligence, our solutions and cases? Take a look at PTTRNS.ai (www.pttrns.ai).

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