New York - Puma has a new partner, and that would be luxury fashion conglomerate Kering Eyewear. The German sportswear company will be partnering with Kering on their line of sunglasses and optical frames. Puma's current eyewear partner is Charmant, but, once that licensing agreement ends in January 2016 their partnership with Kering will begin.

Puma CEO Bjørn Gulden said in a statement, "A new phase in the world of eyewear is beginning for us. I would like to thank Charmant for the good cooperation in the last 12 years. They have not only created a solid foundation for our eyewear business, but also significantly expanded it and established Puma Eyewear as a successful brand"

Kering Eyewear's first collection for Puma will be called "Collezione Uno", and will be unveiled to trade this month. The titles of the groups reflect three main segments - performance, active, and sportstyle. Specially designed eyewear for running and golf will also be offered in line with Puma's new sports positioning.


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