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QR Code – The Kingpin Tech for Ethical Fashion

By Sponsor

1 Mar 2021


The growing demand for sustainable fashion is giving rise to new digital and virtual experiences within the world of runway styles and clothing collections. London Fashion Week 2020 saw eco-consciousness at the forefront, with brands claiming a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. Concerns about sustainability, labor exploitation, environmental impact, and delayed adoption of technology saturate the fashion industry, which means it is vital for brands to stand out by showing they are part of the solution.

QR Code marketing platforms like QR Code Generator PRO are playing a central role in increasing transparency between consumers and sustainable fashion. The launch of the luxury brand, Another Tomorrow, in 2020 perfectly illustrates the QR Code’s leading position in bridging the gap of consumer knowledge in the clothing manufacturing process — from raw materials to the store racks. The QR Code’s ongoing technological evolution offers a unique opportunity to connect buyers to the clothing production line with a variety of engaging solutions, like the Video QR Code or Image Gallery QR Code. They enable labels and articles of clothing to come to life and tell a story about the garment’s country of origin, its carbon footprint, or a behind-the-scenes look at the design inspiration.

Adjusting to consumer demands for more environmentally-conscious production is not the only way fashion brands can use QR Codes to shift towards sustainability. Edina shopping center Galleria created two interactive and engaging window shopping experiences with QR Codes. The first, Enneagram Essentials, combined the Enneagram personality test with curated collections of products and gift ideas adapted to each result. A QR Code on the window display linked shoppers to discover their own Enneagram personality style through a questionnaire. For December, the same window display was reimagined as a contactless, Covid-friendly holiday-themed virtual store, where shoppers could access gift ideas, deals, and DIY inspiration from local brands and shops by simply scanning the QR Code.

Personalizing fashion can help reduce returns and ensure long-term customer satisfaction, yes. But it can also rescue brands from contributing to one of their most glaring faults: the damaging environmental impact of sending tonnes of textiles to landfills each year.

New technologies like QR Codes are a key tool for businesses to thrive in the ever-changing way consumers are accessing fashion and trends. With their mobile-friendly user experience and versatile solutions, brands can use QR Codes to showcase outfits on models from small to plus size in a series of images people can scroll through, save, and view later at their own leisure. By marrying the physical and digital world, QR Codes are a chance for clothing brands to create a multi-channel platform and connect communities of underrepresented groups in the industry – to become pioneers of accessible, sustainable, and waste-free fashion.