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Students projects by EIDM

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Our students benefit from innovative programs that are sensitive to the perpetual changes in the sector. The pedagogy supported by the School is oriented towards the almost exclusive consecration of a project - both symbolic and effective. A method appreciated by every student, which offers a realistic vision of professional issues. The pedagogy offered by EIDM testifies to its international ambition: through Learning by doing and Peer-learning initiated in the United States, students develop their autonomy and creativity by carrying out ambitious collective projects.

Fashion Show in 1st year

Each year, our 1st year Bachelor students organize a Fashion Show. According to their specialization, their tasks are different. Some focus on creations, art direction and scenography, whereas others deal with location, communication, event planning, sponsorship, invitation.

In 2021, students presented, under the theme "Paris: Capital of fashion and love", their avant-garde and dynamic vision as well as the major fashion trends and their prospects. In particular, the public was able to discover the outfits imagined by the Art Direction & Styling section around the Opera, Pigalle, futuristic Paris, Place Vendôme, romantic Paris and Louvre universes. Silhouettes that testify to the skills acquired over the years. This parade reflects their vision of Paris: a liberated and festive Paris where self-love and love of others reign, a Paris symbol of the independence of women, an artistic Paris that transports us and finally a futuristic Paris, expression of the desire for a sustainable fashion, more attentive to the human being. Watch now the Fashion Show 2021 :

Fashion Magazine in 2nd year

Thanks to this annual project, 2nd year Bachelor students can express themselves freely in the creation of a Fashion Magazine. They can work in groups or alone. They are responsible for all aspects of the creation of the Magazine: writing articles and conducting interviews, art direction and shootings, promotion and sponsorship. Students also organize a Fashion Mag Night to present their Magazines to professionals of the Fashion Industry and journalists. Watch now the Fashion Mag Night 2021:

Pop-up Store in 3rd year

Specialized in Fashion Art Direction & Styling, Fashion Business, Fashion Communication & Marketing and Luxury Management, our students have combined their knowledge and skills to bring a pop-up store to life. They must find several designers, set up the location, develop a communication strategy and sales techniques in order to respect their business plan. For instance, in 2019, under the theme “No Gender”, students organized a pop up store with unisex clothing brands and brands which plays with gender. Watch now the 2019 Pop Up Store:

Entrepreneurship project in 4th year

Our Master students must create a brand or a company. This entrepreneurship program is based on 3 elements: experienced speakers, the development of concrete entrepreneurial projects and the immersion in the ecosystem of the CREATIS incubator where our students can be challenged by real entrepreneurs. Students learn how to master the steps, methods and tools necessary to create their own brand or company. They develop a strategic roadmap, build a business plan and a business model and understand legal fundamentals and logics of financing. At the end of this program, they made a final pitch in front of a committee made up of experts and entrepreneurs. Watch a presentation of this project:

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