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Successful in cross-border e-commerce with the right partner

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4 Oct 2021


The fashion industry is an international business. But not all fashion-related companies are global. Yet cross-border e-commerce offers great potential. Namely, to increase sales and to inspire new customers for the brand. With the right strategy, local retailers not only win customers all over the world, but also offer them the right shipping.

The fashion industry is one of the most important players in global online retail. Forecasts (statista) predict that the fashion market will generate €772 billion in online retail sales in 2023. In 2017, it was still 431 billion euros. The market offers high sales potential internationally. But so far, not all fashion companies have taken advantage of cross-border e-commerce. According to the Cross-Border Analysis Report 2021, Spain, Italy and England are actually among the top 16 countries in cross-border e-commerce. However, it is local fashion companies that shy away from cross-border e-commerce.

New, international logistics for the local fashion trade

Customers around the world shop for fashion and consumers around the world are exposed to fashion trends - and naturally want to wear them themselves. For fashion retailers, therefore, there is a large and important international market. But in order to take advantage of it, retailers need new, international strategies for logistics. This is precisely where many companies still face challenges.

Central aspects in cross-border e-commerce

Supply chain, shipping to the customer, returns management: these are the central aspects for retailers to operate successfully in cross-border e-commerce. A sensible strategy should take all three points into account and be designed for international trade. PARCEL.ONE supports traders in this and offers solutions that support them in successful trading beyond their own national borders.

Supply chain: hubs and fulfilment for faster delivery

Retailers who want to sell their fashion products in international trade should consider how they can keep their supply chain under control in order to have goods available quickly and everywhere. Depending on the number of countries supplied, it may make sense to have more than one central warehouse. So-called hubs offer companies the possibility to have goods available at different locations directly near their customers.

Instead of a hub, traders in cross-border e-commerce can of course also rely on fulfilment providers. They usually maintain warehouses at various locations and thus offer the same option as their own hubs. Only, depending on the setup, the costs can be lower than renting many warehouses of your own. In addition, fulfilment providers provide further services such as order acceptance and picking for retailers to optimise cross-border shipping.

Country-specific shipping for cost optimisation

Also important for the global sales strategy is country-specific shipping. For example, shipping to England is now subject to different customs formalities. In addition, it is important to choose the right carrier for the different countries. On the one hand, so that parcels reach the customer as quickly as possible. On the other hand, so that the shipping costs for customers and traders are not too high. If traders ship to other countries, country-specific features can quickly become confusing. Here, too, logistics experts can provide important support.

You are looking for support for your international shipping. PARCELcheck takes country and delivery logistics-specific conditions into account and helps you optimise your cross-border shipping. Find out more here.

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Efficient returns management

Especially in the fashion industry, many returns are unfortunately still an everyday occurrence. In addition to the number of returns, one of the biggest challenges is the number of parcels returned: Many parcel service providers offer no or only very expensive international returns solutions. Nevertheless, customers naturally demand free returns options. To ensure that the handling of returns in cross-border e-commerce is nevertheless as simple, fast and inexpensive as possible, companies should therefore call on experts. After all, the processing of returns is often decisive for success in international online trade.

With the re.PARCEL service, you are ready to optimally handle returns internationally. You can find more information at parcel.one.


Cross-border e-commerce may seem complicated. However, with the right strategy in logistics, traders can not only use the international sales potential, but also optimise cost structures. The right support and the know-how of experts are important. This way, retailers can offer their fashion customers the optimal customer experience worldwide.