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Sustainability over Sales: Artuyt Leads the Sustainable Fashion Stage

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Picture: Artuyt, courtesy of the brand

People used to dress to impress. What has changed? The abundance of clothing led fashion to become a way of expressing comfort and personality. In the plethora of unfurnished garments and non-organic textiles, people aligned themselves with the ideology of buying a piece of clothing that combines in its fashion, art, and sustainability at once. They simply choose clothing that they believe in with the mindset that aesthetics is all about ethics, personality, and comfort. In essence, Artuyt drives this ideology by making fashion a sustainable space where people know what style is, meanwhile, appreciate wearing sustainable garments that define themselves not for the quantity they own but for the quality they wear.

Picture: Artuyt, courtesy of the brand

Sustainable Fashion with Artuyt

In a world where everyone manages to overuse the phrase “sustainable fashion”, there needs to be a brand that means it and that brand is Artuyt. There are multiple issues in fashion that brands may neglect to discuss, including the number of CO2 emissions, overproduction, pollution, waste and more. What Artuyt does is accept that there are issues and as a responsible brand it sticks to addressing those. Instead of putting the ‘sustainable’ label on the scarves, it integrates sustainable production habits into the brand to mean ‘sustainable.’

Sustainable Vendors

The first thing that Artuyt signifies is partnering up with sustainable vendors. The silk production company based in Italy is one of the prominent partners of Artuyt that follows sustainability standards and adds value to the finished product that Artuyt offers to the customers. Artuyt could not do the other way around. As a sustainability-driven brand, it needed to select suppliers whose sustainable goals match those of Artuyt’s. That is why the brand’s choice has stopped on a silk production company that pursues similar sustainability goals and aims to make the world a more sustainable yet stylish place every day.

Picture: Artuyt, courtesy of the brand

‘Silk’ as a Synonym for ‘Sustainability’

Artuyt pays attention to selecting sustainable suppliers when considering that the main fabric it consumes in production is silk. One may be surprised as silk is far from being cruelty-free, but there are alternatives to traditional silk - peace silk (Ahimsa silk) and orange silk. Accordingly, Artuyt is all about these cruelty-free types considering:

  • Biodegradability
  • Renewability
  • Less water usage
  • Less chemical consumption
  • Less energy utilization

Artuyt relates itself to these five factors, too.

Artuyt Partners with Certified Sustainable Vendors

Even though certifications come as labels, they mirror reliability and proof. A certification from Seri.co means that the brand matches safety, quality, as well as health requirements that are relevant to the textile product and production system it undertakes. Artuyt’s scarves have it!

Moreover, the scarves also have the Forest Stewardship Council’s certification that supports the ideology of protecting forests at all costs.

Artuyt is also at the ICEA network. This means that ICEA considers Artuyt a fashion brand that values environmental sustainability and pursues the path of creating a more sustainable planet for future generations.

Packaging Essentials

In packaging, the label follows sustainable trends. Thus, their packaging is 100% recyclable; their production process has a minimum possible carbon footprint; and their reusability is there because the packaging has an extended life cycle.

Sustaining CSR Standards

On that note, a fashion brand cannot be sustainable without being responsible for all the points that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards demand. That’s why Artuyt doesn’t miss an opportunity to take care of society and bring value to it.

With the Norashen Social Program, there could be no better way of making children happy than by providing free one-year drawing classes to all the talented kids out there. By taking responsibility for tutoring, product supplies, and transportation, Artuyt made hundreds of kids happier this year. When children are happy with their lives, it means that the world is a better place for all of us.

The Post-War Nagorno Karabakh Workshop enabled Artuyt’s CSR initiatives to go beyond the borders of Armenia and reach Italy. After the forty-four day war, Artuyt, in cooperation with Armenian Diaspora in Italy, also managed to organize free painting classes for displaced kids. Imagine how happy and free they felt at the moment of taking the opportunity to express their feelings through painting. Moreover, after the painting workshop, the pieces of art have been displayed in an exhibition organized specially for the occasion.

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