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UK may levy green tax on imports from polluted factories

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Imports via Unsplash

The UK may impose a green tax on imports manufactured in polluting factories.

The government is set to announce new green policy measures on Thursday, echoing similar proposals to the EU’s green energy laws and the US inflation act, which gives green businesses tax advantages.

Rishi Sunak and energy minister Grant Shapps will announce the new strategy after a ruling found the current plan proposed by Boris Johnson unlawful.

A new system of “carbon border taxes” to protect UK manufacturers from being undercut by countries with weak environmental rules, will be put in place, according to the Times.

Cheap imported products made in polluting factories abroad may also be levied new green import taxes.

The UK has been slowly inching, instead of making strides, towards a net zero policy. According to Greenpeace new legislation is needed so that the UK doesn’t risk being left behind as the US, EU and China race ahead supporting emerging markets and future green technologies, attracting global investment.

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