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Bav Tailor Partners With Botto Giuseppe For Pravara - Hybrid Identities Exhibition in Venice

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Picture: Bav Tailor, courtesy of the brand

BAV TAiLOR partners with Botto Giuseppe for the artistic installation Pravara - Hybrid Identities at Borders Art Fair Venice 2023 in collaboration with Its Liquid Group and ACITVenice, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Venice from 12 to 30 May 2023 in concomitance with the Biennale for Architecture.

The concept of Hybrid Identities explores the complexities of human identity and the ways in which cultural and ethnic background shape our being, creating a unique blend of different influences that form our identity. We all deal with multiple identities and roles in our everyday lives, which are guided by different social, physical, and cultural factors: we create and adapt our identities based on the situations we find ourselves in, and they evolve and change as we interact with contemporary cultures and modern cities. These changes will create new possibilities which will lead to new and unique identities.

Pravara - Ancestral Roots

We are all descenders of a sacred space that we remain entwined to. Our ancestors walked the Sphere as we do today. They inhaled the same air we exhale; drank the same water we cleanse with. All elements of the Earth are carriers of their energy. Pravara depicts this interconnection with our ancestors through the element of clay, an ode to the transcendental beings personified with clay since the dawn of humanity. Through this journey of curiosity and seeking, the truth is revealed in the moment of silence where interconnectedness begins to persist by embracing ancestral energy and transmitting it to consciousness with clay. From birth to the realms of light – we remain - Hybrid Identities. BAV TAiLOR pays homage to the ancestral connectivity of one’s roots through our spirit guides with a visual interpretation of the ethereal sculpture ‘I’m Liquid’ hand sculpted by soulful sculptor Roberta Busato.

Pure volumes and free-spirited silhouettes storytell the metamorphosis of Italian noble natural fibres that enrich our sense of wellbeing through breathability, sumptuous textures, and conscious production - hallmarks for slow living. A holistic expression for the nomadic explorer.

Picture: Bav Tailor, courtesy of the brand

Always sensitive to art forms, we have decided to support Bav Tailor's project as we share her philosophy of attention to the deepest aspect of living and her holistic collections that also reflect our concept of sustainable fashion.

Silvio Botto Poala, CEO Botto Giuseppe

The exhibition showcases three mediums of art - visual, motion and textures. In gratitude to Botto Giuseppe, the gracious sponsor of BAV TAiLOR's Pravara exhibition, the key pieces featured in the prints, video and display introduce voluminous sleeves, sharp tailoring and pristine piping detail in second skin fabrics slowool, slowsilk and luxurious cashmere through a mindful collaboration with Botto Giuseppe, the soulful Italian textile producer of finest yarns and luxe fabrics since 1876. Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certification, research, innovation and responsibly cultivated precious Made in Italy yarns distinguishes this Biellese company, of which formed the basis for this fruitful synergy of shared purpose. Based in the lush Province of Biella, this fourth-generation family-owned business ensures that responsibility and respect remain at the heart of their company culture where sustainability, a continuously evolving process, is embedded throughout their rare and unique example of vertical manufacturing whereby all production operations are based in Italy; from washing, combing, spinning, dyeing, warping, weaving to finishing. Continuous research assisted by a clear focus towards conscious production is reflected in their selection of yarns which are presented in this syntrophic capsule collaboration inspired by sumptuous textures, common vision and authentic transparency.

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