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Guerlain and Ufan Arles join to create Art & Environment Prize

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Art & Environment Prize Credits: LVMH

The Lee Ufan Arles Art Center in France is celebrating its first anniversary by collaborating with beauty giant Guerlain to establish the inaugural Art & Environment Prize. The new award will be given annually to projects exploring the connections between art and environmental stewardship on a global scale.

Both Guerlain and Lee Ufan share a common ethos of supporting artistic craftsmanship and are deeply committed to the arts and the environment. The prize aims to encourage artistic endeavors that embody environmental responsibility, initiating transformative dialogues with nature.

The prize effectively merges Lee Ufan's artistic legacy with Guerlain's steadfast commitments. Ufan's artistic journey spans three cultures, and he emphasizes the importance of connecting with the world rather than imposing a vision. Guerlain has a strong affinity with nature and is dedicated to the protection of bees, symbolized by their iconic Bee Bottle.

The Art & Environment Prize is open to artists worldwide, regardless of their artistic discipline or age, which LVMH said aims to foster an inclusive and vibrant community of creative minds.

Lee Ufan was born in Korea in 1936 and lives and works in Paris, New York and Japan. He is the artist theoretician of the avant-garde movement Mono-ha ("the school of things"), a Japanese artistic movement that developed in parallel with minimalist and radical movements.