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Bread & Butter founder cancels new trade fair

By Simone Preuss


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Only one week after the announcement of a new fashion trade fair, Bread & Butter founder Karl-Heinz Müller has decided to not have the fair in January of next year after all, citing “existing irritations” and “much uncertainty” regarding leasing the location, Hangar 7 at Berlin’s former Tempelhof airport.

The new B2B platform L.O.C.K. - short for “Labels of Common Kin” - was meant for independent labels, outstanding manufacturers and authentic brands - “brands with heart and soul” according to Müller; small brands that are more dependent on wholesale than bigger brands and would thus appreciate a B2B platform. It was supposed to take place from 17th to 19th January during Berlin Fashion Week.

"I spontaneously took the initiative, because in discussions with likely labels and brands as well as suitable buyers and fellow suppliers, a deep dissatisfaction with the existing exhibition formats in Berlin, but also in Europe as a whole, was becoming increasingly clear: too few visitors, lack of internationality, no clear segmentation, lack of a positive mood, which is especially important for the season opener, are just a few of shortcomings that have come up in numerous discussions," explained Müller in an interview with fashion magazine 1st blue.

He continued: “our industry needs a new big movement, a kind of union of all market participants who pursue the same interests and goals.” Müller did not eliminate the possibility of a trade fair event happening at a later point in time.

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