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Green fashion celebrates 50th INNATEX

By Sponsor

20 Jun 2022


25 years of green fashion in Hofheim-Wallau on the outskirts of Frankfurt : a quarter century's worth of successes, developments, solidarity, challenges and more than a little passion. The INNATEX community will celebrate that and more this summer, from July 29 to 31. As hard as it is to believe, that's how “old” this international trade fair for sustainable textiles has become.

“ I can hardly express how excited we are to finally be able to plan a trade show largely free of pandemic-dictated restrictions after such a long phase of limitations”, exclaims Alexander Hitzel, project manager of INNATEX. “We have a lot planned. Of course the first line of business is business – orders - , but we want a good time while we're at it. The community deserves it.”

Since the inception of INNATEX, the makers of green fashion have made incredible progress. Initially, they were viewed with condescension. Few outsiders were able or willing to concede that this was a serious and in fact indispensable economic sector.

A long road of progress – and far from the end.

Originally, the selection was limited, with a focus on natural textiles, baby and women's wear. “ I could hardly find clothes for myself”, remembers Hitzel. “Today the industry is not only professionalized but also characterized by variety and diversity. INNATEX showcases that.”

Demand and urgency are on the rise, and with them, state-of-the-art requirements. In the past, it was primarily important to ensure fair and environmentally friendly production standards to ensure that green fashion could compete with conventional fashion on the basis of both aesthetics and quality.

Today, experts must address complex challenges such as tracking along the total production chain, closed production cycles and climate change mitigation. By the same token, the public must continue to fine-tune an awareness of realistic pricing and meaningful consumption.

These and other issues will be presented for discussion to INNATEX participants in the community area. The discussions will be lead by initiatives including GOTS, Fairtrade, Femnet and IVN. Currently, the list of exhibitors is over 200 strong, including as always both pioneers and newcomers. MUVEO, as the fair organizer, is planning a comeback for Design Discoveries as well as a newly designed outdoor area with a festival flair. “We invite everyone to come celebrate with us, so Hitzel.

For registration and information, please see innatex.de and @innatex on instagram or facebook.

INNATEX: International trade fair for sustainable textiles

INNATEX is globally the ONLY international trade fair for sustainable textiles, addressing not only the classic garment sector but offering numerous other textile product groups such as accessories, shoes, home textiles, fabrics and toys a sales and communication platform. Since 1997, this trade fair takes place twice a year, once in winter and once in summer, in Hofheim-Wallau on the outskirts of Frankfurt. As of fall 2014, complementary exhibits in Bern (Switzerland) and Salzburg (Austria) round out fair organizer MUVEO GmbH's portfolio of trade shows..

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