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Kingpins Amsterdam's Fifth Anniversary: A Look Inside

By FashionUnited


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Kingpins Amsterdam marked its fifth anniversary this week, as the invite-only trade fair hosted a new lineup of innovative denim manufacturers. The occasion was celebrated with a series of events, parties, exhibitions, and seminars ranging from all facets of the denim industry.

The two-day trade show paid special attention to the most innovative companies in the denim industry which debuted new types of denim washes, finishes, fabrics, and styles, all of which revolved around sustainability and innovation. The exhibition halls were filled with players from all corners of the denim industry, representing each stage of the supply chain. Together they aim to offer denim brands and retailers solutions which contribute to a more sustainable and transparent industry. For example, Garmon launched a new range of sustainable chemicals, Strech-Care, while textile mill Arvind Limited debuted its new series of denim fabrics made without cotton.

In addition, Kingpins Amsterdam also launched a new show section this year for 'the best of practice' manufacturers: the ''Transformers''.

FashionUnited attended Kingpins Amsterdam and spoke with a few exhibitors to learn more about their experience at Kingpins over the past five years, and shares its impressions of the denim trade fair below.

Tricia Carey, Director Global Business Development, Denim for Lenzing, which is launching its new sustainable capsule range of denim fabrics, Lenzing Blues & Hues shared her thoughts on Kingpins Amsterdam with FashionUnited: “They really bring the market together at the right time and at the right place. The vibe that you have with this show, you don’t have with other shows related to denim and textiles in general. Most of the time at these shows I will not have the organiser come directly over and ask ‘how are you? how was your day?’ Andrew and his team have such openness about ‘how can we do better or improve’.” Carey added: “Kingpins having Transformers: that is thinking out of the box”.

Tejidos Royo, an exhibitor in the new Transformers showspace, unveiled its new world exclusive at Kingpins Amsterdam, Dry Indigo alongside of its new range of fabrics made from a blend of conventional cotton and recycled PET or Refibra, reducing the need to extract raw materials. Jose Royo, Sales Director at Tejidos Royo and 4th generation of the family believes Kingpins uniqueness is what makes it great. “Kingpins is very good for one reason: it is different from any other tradeshow. This is the only place today where you have everyone from the denim industry. Inditex to levis, you have all levels from all over the world. If it is only Europeans it does not make sense.” He continued, “The ambiance of the exhibition hall is is amazing to have everyone together, but being seperated into the Transformers Hall is also nice. It is nice to be set apart.”

Lieke Koen, representative of The Jean School, which has been exhibiting Kingpins Amsterdam since it first opened five years ago, compared this edition of Kingpins to previous editions, highlighting the new found focus on education. “I feel like this year I will take more education away from the fair. I have learned a lot more about each company, especially their environmental efforts. I also think it is much more crowded this year, with a lot more people coming by our exhibit.”

Photo credits: FashionUnited