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Kingpins to name top 10 most sustainable products at shows

By Huw Hughes



Organizers of denim trade fair Kingpins have announced a new initiative to help buyers and brands identify the most sustainable products at the shows.

The new Kingpins’ Most Sustainable Products (MSP) initiative will choose ten of the most sustainable products at each of its Amsterdam shows as decided by two denim industry experts, Miguel Sanchez, a textile engineer for the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and a 30-year veteran of the denim industry, and Paul Mailman, a 40-year veteran of the textile industry experience, working across physical property testing, brand technical support, QA, QC, product development and research through to logistics.

The first ten products to be named as part of the new initiative are:

Mill: Advanced Denim
Product: QA209Q3-2
Description: Representing a sharp reduction in water (-64 percent) and power (-42 percent) resources required for its manufacturing, as compared to conventional technologies.

Mill: Artistic Fabric Mills
Product: A4-8311
Description: Fabric is woven entirely from recycled materials - cotton, polyester and elastane. No virgin cotton is included in its composition.

Mill: Bossa
Product: Starzburg - Save Deep
Description: Presenting a fabric woven from a combination of recycled materials, using 85 percent less water due to its “Save Blue Dye” technology.

Mill: Candiani Denim
Product: ReLAST
Description: Introducing a GRS-certified elastane with new stretch properties, and recycled fibers (Refibra, Q Nova) combined with water-saving Indigo Juice and Kitosan-based sizing products.

Mill: DNM
Product: Cassidy Riverblue
Description: Suggested text: With warp dyed using 60 percent less water than in conventional dyeing process, based on recycled post-industrial cotton.

Mill: Orta Anadolu
Product: Zero Max
Description: 100 percent cotton-free fabric, with a large proportion of recycled pre-consumer fiber.

Mill: Prosperity Textiles
Product: Cotton-Less
Description: The fabric features a clever combination of fibres, including cotonized recycled linen which results in large water savings.

Mill: Soorty
Product: Neutral Blue
Description: An indigo-dyed C2C certified fabric featuring zero wasted water in dyeing and finishing.

Mill: Tejidos Royo
Product: Sauron
Description: Introducing a minimal-impact dyeing concept – Dry Indigo (foam) dyeing for a fabric based on organic and post-industrial recycled cottons.

Mill: Vicunha
Product: Absolute ECO
Description: The fabric boasts a unique combination of six different types of recycled cotton.

“We are often asked by buyers for help finding sustainable products or if we have ‘green’ pavilions or signage designating the ‘eco’ mills,” Andrew Olah, founder of Kingpins Show, said in a statement. “While this is not how Kingpins Show operates, we understand that increasingly designers and brands are actively searching out sustainable products and trying to determine fact from marketing when making their fabric buys.”

He added: “At the same time, mills and garment makers are making great strides in sustainable production and products and would benefit from increased exposure of their efforts, developments and innovations. The goal is to give designers insightful and actionable information regarding sustainable products.”

Photo credit: FashionUnited

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