Peru Moda: from the high street to the screen

In challenging times, creativity becomes more important than ever. That is why the largest platform for promoting Peruvian fashion and home accessories, Peru Moda and Peru Moda Deco, is reinventing itself to continue dazzling the world.

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism - PROMPERU promotes the Peru Moda event as a way of connecting Peruvian companies with international buyers.
This year it celebrates its 23rd edition, doing so virtually for the first time. The event will be available for viewing from around the world, running from 1st to 30th October, 2020.

Fashion is changing
In this edition, under the slogan "Feel & live sustainable", Peru Moda will seek to adopt the concept of sustainability and demonstrate that it is not just an aspiration, but a necessity.
Nowadays, looking good goes hand in hand with a commitment to the planet. This is reminiscent of the first Peruvians, who, 5,000 years ago, domesticated wild animals to extract fibres for their looms. They consumed what the earth offered them and lived in a healthy communion with their environment.
This is the aim of the new edition of Peru Moda: to promote harmony between human beings and their surroundings. This translates into taking actions that promote the preservation of the environment and respect and care for the value chain.

This is what Peruvian textiles strive for today: to transform alpaca wool and cotton, 100% organic materials, into avant-garde creations.

Peru Moda: from the high street to the screenB2B Matchmaking virtual edition
In this edition of Peru Moda & Peru Moda Deco, international buyers will have a wide selection of companies offering cotton and alpaca at their disposal, ranging from baby and children's lines, to hospital clothing, footwear and accessories, jewellery and decorative items, among others.
In addition, a multitude of highly innovative products will be showcased, as well as seminars on fashion industry themes and a virtual catwalk dedicated to cutting-edge design.
All for the viewing pleasure of customers, who will not have to move from their sofas. International buyers will have a digital B2B Matchmaking platform where business meetings can be held according to their needs and commercial preferences.
This easily accessible online proposal will allow for an effective interaction between buyers and exporters.

Last year, Peru Moda helped create 3,584 business meetings with 989 international buyers from 27 participating countries. Profits amounted to USD 132.5 million through the business generated.
An increase in the participation of domestic and foreign companies is expected this year, thanks to the advantages offered by technology.

An unstoppable industry
The Peruvian textile sector presents all the characteristics that are demanded by today's market: integration of the value chain, from the supply of raw materials to the final product; highly qualified personnel; luxury fibres; optimal delivery times; prices in accordance with the market; and compliance with international standards.
These qualities have enabled Peru Moda to have a sustained global presence in recent years: Peru Moda in New York, Colombiamoda, Business Roundtable within the framework of the International Fair Trade Summit, Peru Moda in Asia and Peru Moda Latam Business Roundtable.

Peru Moda's products are also part of a tradition based on the originality and exclusivity of its designs.

If you wish to participate in Peru Moda 2020, make sure you register here.

Become a part of this new fashion concept that is revolutionising the world!


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