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Something Else and Wearers Festival collaborate on garment mending event

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Wearers Festival x Something Else

Multidisciplinary art group Wearers Festival is set to host The Mending Trade Café, in collaboration with the Something Else organisation.

The initiative aims to promote a circular economy and the sustainable practice of mending and repairing. Attendants are asked to bring a garment of clothing that they love and is in need of repair, to be exchanged either for a service or goods.

Next to garment repair, the event hopes to open up an opportunity to build a community, bringing London-based members together to chat and develop relationships.

“When we acknowledge the emotional bond we have with our garments, it becomes obvious why they deserve to be preserved,” said co-founder and director, Nao Zaragoza, in a release. “If we begin to perceive them as depositories of memories, we’ll cherish them and care about their longevity.”

It is this element that the event focuses on, hoping to normalise garment repair and reuse through the sharing of knowledge and inspiration.

The two involved organisations have partnered together on Something Else’s Pioneer initiative, supporting the Wearers Festival’s pursuit of promoting independent creators by contributing to the development of their creative processes.

The Mending Trade Café will be held at Truman’s Social Club in East London, on October 31 from 12 pm, with free admission.

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