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The Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo 2024

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Credits: Future Fabrics Expo 2024

The Sustainable Angle is excited to announce that the FUTURE FABRICS EXPO 2024 will take place on the 25-26th June from 9 am-6 pm, returning again to Magazine London, a state-of-the-art 3200 square metres space, overlooking the river Thames and Canary Wharf.

Since 2011, the annual Future Fabrics Expo (FFE) is the largest dedicated sourcing destination of certified, sustainably and responsibly produced materials for fashion, home and interiors. The Expo is also an educational platform for understanding the impacts of our raw material and fossil fuel dependencies, sourcing responsibly and operating within planetary boundaries. FFE also provides a platform for cutting edge innovators who are developing solutions for the fashion industry of tomorrow. Our Seminar Series runs alongside the showcase amplifying the key Expo themes and featuring the insights of global thought leaders and industry pioneers throughout the value chain.

Future Fabrics Expo 2024 is the Flagship Event for Fashion & Textiles at London Climate Action Week 2024.

Highlights: What to Expect

● 10,000+ materials and solutions on display: within the materials sourcing showcase discover and experience thousands of globally-sourced certified and best practice textiles curated according to fibre categories or ‘material personalities’ and contextualised with educational information. Each material is labelled with detailed sustainability information, environmental certifications and supplier details.

● Thousands of commercially available materials that contribute to the diversification of the fibre basket, to accelerate the transition away from synthetics and conventionally grown and produced fibres. Included in this category are textiles from regenerative agriculture farming systems, agricultural waste innovations and regenerated cellulosics. Also showcasing pre- and post-consumer recycled natural materials, certified organic cottons, low impact and regeneratively farmed wools and animal fibres, sustainably produced silks, linen hemp and forgotten fibres, responsibly produced leather and innovative alternatives to animal skins.

● Over 70 best-practice mills and suppliers from around the world feature their material collections in their own dedicated booths. Discover their latest ranges and learn more about sustainability initiatives, connect in-person, and experience hands-on the materials of the future, available now.

Credits: Future Fabrics Expo
## Curated Areas and Brand Partnerships

This year the Future Fabrics Expo will show specially curated areas:

● NEXT GEN REVOLUTION: FIBRE SOLUTIONS TO KEEP ANCIENT AND ENDANGERED FORESTS STANDING is supported by Laudes Foundation and powered by Canopy and Fashion for Good. This Solutions installation highlights the latest innovations, research and opportunities in low-carbon, low-impact next generation feedstocks and fibre developments (including agro residue, plastic reduction initiatives, and circular feedstocks) for the future materiality of fashion.

Laudes Foundation is excited to grow our partnership with The Sustainable Angle and support the 2024 Future Fabrics Expo alongside our partners Canopy and Fashion for Good. The Expo is a global platform showcasing next-gen and circular materials for fashion and we're thrilled to be a part of bringing together key industry players with innovative frontrunners, and build the momentum to drive a transformation of fashion towards solutions with positive impacts on climate, nature and people.

Anita Chester, Head of Fashion, Laudes Foundation

We're grateful for our ongoing collaboration with Future Fabrics Expo that not only highlights the imperative to transform the materials supply chain but also beautifully showcases Next Gen materials and technologies that are on the market today and ready to scale.

Nicole Rycroft, Founder and Executive Director, Canopy

● The Future of Luxury supported by LVMH, showcases the action-oriented projects the Group has taken to address four key areas: connecting creativity with nature; manufacturing better; new distribution models; and being committed to more responsibly created luxury products – with the aim to protect ecosystems and preserve biodiversity, both within and outside the fashion supply chain.

"For over 30 years, LVMH has been committed to protecting the environment, driven by a long- term vision and a holistic and scientific approach across all its business sectors including Fashion and Leather Goods. In 2021, the Group launched the LIFE 360 plan focused on four pillars: Creative circularity, Biodiversity, Climate, and Traceability & Transparency. LVMH and its Maisons are proud to collaborate with the Future Fabrics Expo in order to showcase how we transition to the future of luxury, connecting our creativity to nature.

Hélène Valade, Environmental Development Director, LVMH

● Parley for the Oceans

The Future Fabrics Expo! It’s a family reunion of all the rebel organizations out there who dare to challenge the status quo. The ones who believe that we can end the toxic age by inventing, by designing our way out of this epic crisis. Together, we are establishing a New Economy where plastic and other toxic substances will be relics of the past, replaced by biology and Green Chemistry. For the Oceans, Climate and Life!

Cyrill Gutsch, CEO and Founder, Parley for the Oceans
Watch video highlights of last year's Future Fabrics Expo 2023.

New Highlights for FFE 2024

Regenerative Agriculture Area

Since 2019, the Future Fabrics Expo has been showcasing advancements in regenerative agriculture solutions for fashion and amplifying its critical role in delivering positive impacts. This year, the Regenerative Agriculture Area will continue to communicate how the fashion supply chain can create positive impacts in biodiversity, climate change and soil health through regenerative outcomes.

Focus on Plastic

Despite increasing awareness of its negative effects on the environment, plastic remains deeply ingrained in the fashion and textiles industry. Scientific evidence is mounting about the detrimental health impacts, too: The Plastic Soup Foundation's latest report Is Clothing Making Us Sick? proves this. FFE 2024 will spotlight data from this report, and highlight solutions and companies working on the problem -- reinforcing the urgency for brands to adopt alternative fibres and material solutions as shown throughout the Expo.

Water scarcity and pollution

Depletion of freshwater sources are some of the most significant challenges we face, with freshwater depletion as one of the planetary boundaries which are in the ‘red zone’. This year, the Solutions Area will also showcase a tool that assesses the sustainability, efficiency and equitability of water use in the textiles industry.

Footwear Innovation Hub

New to FFE 2024, the Footwear Innovation Hub will map the materials and waste issues in this impactful product category. A showcase of forward-thinking exhibits featuring ingenious design strategies and approaches to materiality and manufacture will be shown, exemplified by exhibits ranging from experimental speculative prototypes, through to commercially available brands creating inspirational new design journeys.

The Innovation Hub

Spotlighting groundbreaking concepts, material developments and prototypes that are poised to positively change our materials landscape, the Innovation Hub showcases cutting-edge sustainable solutions that are yet to be scaled. This hub has become a dynamic platform for innovators, researchers and students to showcase their ingenious solutions to some of our most pressing resource issues. The space fosters collaborative conversations and the opportunity to engage directly with the next generation of sustainability and technological advancements.

Seminar Series

Drawing upon the voices of the world’s leading industry experts, innovators and thought-leaders, our popular Seminar Series returns to the stage. The Seminar Series serves as a conduit to explore the most defining issues of our time, deepens understanding and urges our listeners to take action, building on the solutions presented. These thought-provoking discussions span a wide variety of topics mirroring the exhibitions displayed throughout FFE, including regenerative design, circular-systems approaches, material innovations, and upcoming policies and regulations.

Home & Interiors Area

FFE 2024 will continue to grow the Home & Interiors area, including materials solutions, furniture, lighting, and product design. The area will also feature alternative innovative methods of upholstery without synthetics and toxic flame retardants. The lessons learned in the fashion space can provide guidance to the home and interiors sector, paving the way for cross-collaboration, exemplified by our projects and installations.

Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub returns as a dedicated space for education and information sharing, featuring the work of academic organisations and NGOs. Discover a specially curated Waterstones bookshop highlighting books advocating for a planet-positive future. The attendees will have the opportunity to meet authors and secure book signings.

Continuing your sourcing journey after FFE

Bespoke Sourcing Sessions and Advisory Services

Leverage our team's expertise with tailored sourcing sessions designed to enhance knowledge among internal stakeholders and provide access to innovative material solutions. Benefit from our extensive network of experts throughout the supply chain, from material sourcing to transparent communications, ensuring compliance with both voluntary and regulatory frameworks.

Future Fabrics Virtual Expo

During the Expo, visitors can scan QR codes on the headers of cards, linking them to the Future Fabrics Virtual Expo, our online sourcing tool that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The Virtual Expo experience can be found here: www.FutureFabricsVirtualExpo.com

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