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What sets Digital Fashion Week apart from a traditional fashion week?

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Digital Fashion Week New York Credits: (l. to r.) Edvard Nielsen, Irina Blagochevskaya and Soledad Gallardo

Digital Fashion Week presents seven days across three cities of phygital fashion providing tangible and immaterial experiences that connect fashion to people, and people to fashion in a new and exciting way during New York, London and Paris Fashion Weeks in September 2023.

Rather than a fashion tech expo or a conventional runway, Digital Fashion Week is immersive with Web 3.0 highlights that blend creative inspiration, awe-inspiring exhibits with networking and thought-leadership, culminating in immersive phygital experiences. A focus on designers from around the world brings a global cast to each event and offers the chance to showcase their designs on an equal footing with more house-hold names. The event will feature panel discussions, presentations, and a curated digital fashion show with immersive experiences from leading digital artists.

But just what is PHYGITAL fashion?

It is a layered experience – similar to every other experience in our daily lives where we seamlessly integrate IRL and URL assets, events and objects to create our own personalized version of ourselves. So, as models strut the runway, the audience can customize the event by layering digital sunglasses, jewelry or new fashions over the physical. The audience becomes a valuable creative in the design-to-market process.

What is the relevance to the fashion industry?

While digital fashion has an extraordinary life of its own, in the gaming and social media industries, it has real relevance to the traditional fashion industry. Digital fashion is relatively very sustainable, with a tiny fraction of the energy used to produce it and zero waste ending up in landfill, but beyond that one simple example of the advantages is, while virtual try on is fun, it results in a 60% higher chance of being purchased and a 75% less rate of return – numbers that are very relevant to every brand.

Digital Fashion Week creates a fashion event that erases the lines between the physical and digital realms and gives rise to new forms of self-expression and creativity.

Join us in London: September 15-16 and Paris, September 28-29 to explore new horizons and help make the fashion industry a better place.

Read more about the upcoming event here.

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