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3D-printed smart tags developed to authenticate goods

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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San Francisco-based tech company Chronicled has partnered with 3D-printing company Origin to develop tamper-proof retail ‘smart tags’ to guarantee the authenticity of high-value consumer goods.

"The 3D-printed Chronicled tag is the first product that can be adapted to fit entirely different markets in minutes,” explains Origin chief executive officer Chris Prucha. “We can match the product's look and feel to fit brands, retailers, and consumer tastes in different luxury-good markets without additional costs or delays.”

Each smart tag contains a tiny computer chip, written to the Chronicled platform, which holds an encrypted, unforgeable digital identity for the item. Because of the flexibility inherent in the printing process, including the ability to print small, customised batches at no extra cost, the tags can be endlessly specialised for brands, retailers, and special events.

The aim of the ‘smart tags’ is to allow brands and retailers to embed their stamp of authenticity on items, especially products that may be resold between collectors on secondary markets, eliminate doubts and the guarantee it isn’t counterfeit.

"In the past, consumers have had to rely on imperfect solutions when purchasing high-end items," said Chronicled chief executive officer Ryan Orr. "Especially online, buyers have had to gamble on the trustworthiness of often anonymous sellers in a world where the quality and preponderance of counterfeit goods is increasing with each passing year. These 3D-printed smart tags solve that problem by giving each item a unique, unforgeable identity running on a blockchain backend.”

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