A Fish named Fred: Our story has a lot more than just clothing

Words like ‘focus’ and ‘core business’ are a rising trend in the fashion industry, but for A Fish named Fred these terms are not applicable. ‘We are expanding in the width of our brand,’ tells Rob Schalker from Transit-Textiles. “Besides the well-known shirts, jackets and waistcoats, we are developing jeans, socks, underwear, caps, belts and other accessories. Our story is clearly a lot more than just clothing. We want to present a total concept. We are developing our branding to a clear vision” These developments align with another expansion, namely to new markets: “We have rising interest from parties abroad who want to start a mono-brand store, because multi-brand stores aren’t performing in those markets. We started in the USA and Canada last year, which is going extremely well. Currently I’m talking with companies from for example China, Mexico and the Middle East. contacted to start a mono-brand store. People are interested in a brand with a real story.

The new A Fish named Fred collection for summer 2018 is divided in three themes with matching designs. The first theme is inspired by the Miami Grand Hotels and ballrooms with influences from Havana in the 50’s and 60’s. A hint to Miami Vice legends James “Sonny” Crockett and Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs is translated to prints with boats, flamingo’s and cocktails. Ocean Drive, the boulevard of Miami Beach. This central street, which is a mile long, is one of the well-known parts of the city and runs through the Art Deco district. “Art Deco” in Miami is characterised by the stylish designs in graphic arches and repeating palm trees.

The second theme revolves around the Wynwood Art district. In this part of Miami its packed with street art on the walls(Wynwood Walls), but one can find a lot of different galleries, expositions and museums as well. From worldwide known artworks to more recent pieces are to be found in this wonderful part of Miami. This old part of the city was given a new life in 2009 and since then it has been an essential part of Miami. Stylish geometric shapes are alternated with graphics which have a more psychedelic feel to it. In the A Fish named Fred collection this is expressed in shirts, knits and polo’s with elements of line patterns and colorful mosaics.

Last but not least, the third theme is inspired by the Miami harbour and its sailors. The Miami harbour, also known as PortMiami, is the biggest passenger port in the world. Besides the harbour, A Fish named Fred was also inspired by tattoo art which is common with sailors.

The blueprints of big ships are converted to a print, but anchors as well as sea mines are to be found in the collection. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so fishes are an undeniable addition to this theme, which can be found in several prints. Fred can’t feel like a fish out of water, so the waves and the water can’t be excluded. The waves are made into a print, but are processed in the details of jackets, waistcoats and jeans as well.

After collaborations with Jopen beers, the brand is working on two branded wines together with wine distributor D-vine. “As I say sometimes: it would be possible that we’ll release a set of dishes next season. You know what it is? The consumer likes to be surprised. This differs from a funny detail in a shirt or jacket, to a product that is interesting to a small group only. The retailer likes to offer these differences to their customers, because retailers are looking for renewal, change and originality. The market is very saturated nowadays, every product is available for every price. That’s why the retailer is looking for products which are interesting for the consumers. Brands are starting to understand and try to adapt, but their price plan isn’t really realistic. We try to be interesting on both sides, which attracts the retailer and the consumer.”