Accessories label Milli Millu rebrands as DeMellier

British handbag label Milli Millu has rebranded as DeMellier, seven years after its launch, as it looks to push ahead with its expansion plans.

In an open letter on the brand’s website, founder Mireia Llusia-Lindh explained that the move to change the name followed the brand being named as a Walpole Brand of Tomorrow last year and the realisation that the name Milli Millu wasn’t resonating well internationally.

“Last year we were very fortunate to win the Walpole Brands of Tomorrow award and started growing more abroad,” explains Llusia-Lindh. “We realised that the name we had launched with didn’t resonate as well internationally and was more and more disconnected from the products we were offering. We felt we needed a name that better reflected who we are.”

The brand will now be known as DeMellier, a reference to her family history and Spanish heritage, which can be traced back for more than 500 years to the South of Spain, not far from where the label’s bags are made today.

Llusia-Lindh added: “De is a tribute to my family’s heritage, while Mellier comes from my name of French descent, symbolising the mix of old and new, of heritage and modernity.”

British handbag label Milli Millu rebrands

It is hoped that the rebranding will help the bag label to grow its international reach, while still capturing the heritage and modernity of the brand, which is known for its sleek, modern bags handcrafted in Spain using the finest Italian and Spanish materials, while still being accessible, as its handbags range from 225 to 515 pounds.

“Nothing changes in relation to our products, we will continue to use our logo and work with the same factories and suppliers we have been working to date with the uttermost commitment to detail and quality,” added Llusia-Lindh.

The handbag brand will also continue its charity initiative A Bag, A Life. For every bag purchased the British label funds a set of lifesaving vaccines and treatments aimed to save the life of a child in need. To date, the brand has funded over 25,000 vaccines for orphans in need.

Image: DeMellier website