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Aeron rebrands as a responsible luxury knitwear label

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Aeron

Budapest-based womenswear brand Aeron, founded by Eszter Áron and part of the Vanguards Group, is repositioning itself as a responsible luxury knitwear label launching with its pre-fall 2022 collection.

The relaunch follows a strategic realignment and will feature a new brand identity across all touchpoints, including a new A-shaped logo, alongside new packaging, website, design and creativity direction focus and new price points.

At the heart of the new brand identity will be a new signature ‘mimosa yellow’ colour chosen to serve as a metaphor for “resilience, sensitivity and the expansion of one’s life,” explained the brand in a press release.

Image: Aeron

The move to reposition as a transparent knitwear label comes as Aeron looks to “double-down” on the knitwear category, a segment it states is the company’s most commercially successful category. The rebrand it adds will also offer “a wider market opportunity” to utilise recent developments in technology to meet the company’s sustainability standards.

Aeron places spotlight on knitwear following strategic relaunch

Image: Aeron; Zero

This will be showcased with Aeron adding a new sub-line titled ‘Zero’ a core collection of knitted staples made exclusive with zero-waste Wholegarment technology on Shima Seiki machinery. The technology produces pieces innovatively in one entire, three-dimensional piece, which minimises waste and uses less energy than traditional systems.

The ‘Zero’ collection will be a year-round offering with a more accessible price tag and a more inclusive size range, with all items ranging from XXS to XXL. Highlights will include knitted bralettes, body-con dresses, and flared trousers spun from an Ecovero Viscose-blend yarn. The pieces will available in creme and black year-round, with new seasonal colours and styles being added “as the brand evolve”.

Image: Aeron; Zero

Aeron adds affordable zero-waste sub-label ‘Zero’

The addition of ‘Zero’ is to act as a “seamless add-on” to Aeron’s seasonal knitted and woven styles to “build out the cornerstone of the modern women’s wardrobe”. The main Aeron line will also be enhanced by new house signatures including the A-motif, which will be seen across its hardware, fastenings and patterns.

Image: Aeron

“Although Aeron’s seasonal and Zero collections are clearly differentiated in pricing, positioning and assortment, both serve as two halves to a singular brand that comes together in the brand’s lookbooks, campaigns, and on the shop floor,” explains the brand.

The introduction of the ‘Zero’ line, as well as the revised sourcing practices and fine-tuned design process as part of the rebrand, means that for the autumn/winter 2022 collection Aeron will have achieved 75 percent of its garments made from natural materials and 63 percent of certified sustainable pieces.

To further its commitment to sustainability, Aeron also notes that it has joined a Carbon Footprint Assessment project to base its business strategy on better-defined results and it is taking part in a local regenerative pilot project aiming to restore biodiversity through regeneration as its first step towards CO2 offsetting.

Image: Aeron; Zero
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