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Aēsop unveils inaugural joint venture with Raeburn

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

2 Mar 2021


Australian skincare brand Aēsop has unveiled the first products from its collaboration with London-based sustainable fashion brand, Raeburn, including a portable pouch for on-the-go hand care.

The beauty brand announced the joint venture with Raeburn back in October 2020 and stresses that the first products from the two have “equal emphasis on style and function”.

The first product is a portable pouch for on-the-go hand care, available in three variants, which has been handcrafted from pre-consumer recycled cotton. The Adventurer Roll Up design features three purpose-fit pockets to house a trio of Aēsop products to cleanse and hydrate the hands when commuting, travelling, or simply out-and-about.

As part of this inaugural partnership, Aēsop and Raeburn have applied the ethos of the Raemade initiative, which pioneers the reworking of surplus fabrics to create responsible designs, to create 300 limited-edition Raemade Adventurer Roll Ups made from 1960s aeronautical navigation maps. 

These silk relics have been specially chosen for their subject-matter, each detailing a part of the world particularly damaged through environmental degradation, including Borneo and the Aral Sea, explained Aēsop in a press release. 

Four roll ups can be made from just one map, leaving minimal waste, and each resulting Roll Up comes with a unique serial number and certificate. 

The Adventurer Roll-Up is priced at 45 pounds and is available at Aēsop, while the Raemade Adventurer Roll Up is 70 pounds, and is exclusive to hbx.com through a partnership with Hypebeast.   In addition, Aēsop is also sharing the pattern for the Roll Up in the “spirit of reworking materials” so anyone handy with a sewing machine can download the pattern to make the practical pouch at home. A ‘How To’ film will also be available to guide both seasoned sewers and keen beginners, on both brand’s websites.

The Aēsop x Raeburn collaboration also introduces a new Aēsop product, the Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Mist, a weightless, alcohol-based formulation suitable for use whenever running water is unavailable. 

Images: courtesy of Aēsop