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Aldo Group is certified climate neutral for 3rd consecutive year

By Robyn Turk

12 Nov 2020


Aldo has received its climate neutral company certification from South Pole for the third consecutive year. South Pole is a provider of global sustainability solutions and services with a transparent and rigorous certification process, according to a press release.

The footwear company received its first climate neutral certification in 2018 and continues to reduce its net emissions and compensate the unavoidable ones through nature-based forest conservation and clean energy projects.

Aldo supports clean energy projects in India and China, such as solar power, wind energy and waste-to-energy, as well as forest conservation in the Amazon basin. The company does this through purchasing carbon credits from high-impact emission reduction initiatives.

"Our sustainability efforts towards fighting the climate crisis are deeply rooted in our company's purpose: to create a world of love, confidence and belonging," the company's CEO David Bensadoun said in a statement. "And so, as a global organization, we have a responsibility to do and be better - for our planet, our communities, and our customers. In fact, we want to enable them to choose good because we understand their expectations and what's close to their heart. We have embedded sustainability in our values and ways of working and thinking of fashion. We also hope to rally industry players to continue to do so or start and join the movement."

Image: Aldo