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Alexa Chung collaborates with JuJu

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

4 Feb 2019


Alexa Chung has launched her playful jellied heels as seen at her London Fashion Week spring/summer 2019 catwalk show in a collaboration with JuJu, the original creators of The British Jelly Shoe.

The British designer is bringing a touch of nostalgia to its spring/summer collection with two playful yet “grown-up” styles of jelly shoes, one featuring a crystal buckle and a block-heel and the other a flat style with a crystal wreath.

The Crystal Buckle Babe retails for 85 pounds and the Crystal Wreath Reilly flat for 75 pounds, and both styles will be available in yellow, smoke and transparent.

“At a time when we seem as a generation compelled to look back in order to move forward in fashion, jelly shoes seem to occupy a particularly joyful corner of my memories,” explains Alexa Chung in a statement. “Playful, ironic, practical and cool, a glamorous facelift of the jelly shoe seemed amusing and made a statement in our Arrivals and Departures collection.”

The Alexa Chung x JuJu collaboration will be made exclusively in the footwear brand’s Northampton factory, where their jelly shoes are still made using the traditional manufacturing method of injecting moulds to form their cult shapes.

Image: courtesy of Alexa Chung