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Alexander Wang skipping pre-fall season

By Kristopher Fraser



Ever since Alexander Wang moved off the main season schedule and started showing during the pre-fall and cruise collection season, he has become one of the most anticipated off-season shows on the calendar. This December, there will be nothing to anticipate though, as Wang has announced he will be skipping this pre-fall season in favor of doing a big blowout event next year for the brand's 15th anniversary.

“It was really thinking about: How can we dedicate and really focus our resources where we felt it was necessary?” Wang said to Vogue.com. “For us that was the 15th anniversary. A show in December felt like it maybe wasn’t the best place to put our focus. I don’t want to say that this is a decision that means we won’t return to a fashion show again, or that we don’t believe in the format, but it just felt like the right moment for us to do something different.”

Wang has plenty on the horizon for the brand's 15th year anniversary. First up, he's got a Chinese New Year's party planned. Then he will be opening a new store at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. This will lead up to his 15th anniversary celebration which he is still brainstorming. It sounds like it's going to be a #Wangfest for the books.

photo: via alexanderwang.com

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