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Allbirds launches new sustainable running shoe

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Allbirds

Allbirds is continuing to push the boundaries of sustainable footwear with its new Tree Flyer running shoe that has a carbon footprint of just 9.92-kilogram CO2e, all of which is offset to zero.

The Tree Flyer is a cushioned running shoe, which has been designed to showcase Allbirds’ innovative technology, use of renewable natural materials, and instantaneous material circularity.

It is a progression from the Allbirds ‘Dasher 2’ launched in 2021 and features a new sleek-fitting knit structure, made from the brand's signature eucalyptus-based tree fibre, which helps secure the foot for a performance fit whilst proving breathability and increased durability.

The Tree Flyer also utilises a first-of-its-kind technology, SwiftFoam in the construction of the midsole, which results in a running shoe with more bounce and propulsion, offering Allbirds highest rebound rate at 70 percent to help give runners more energy with every step.

Image: Allbirds

The majority of midsoles on the market are made from petroleum and are 100 percent synthetic, whereas SwiftFoam leverages castor beans, a renewable natural resource that has a 20 percent lower carbon footprint than petroleum-based alternatives. The result is not only a more sustainable and low energy product with a carbon footprint of 9.92 kilograms CO2e but also a lighter running shoe, weighting 269 grams, which is the lightest running shoe exclusively created by Allbirds.

The SwiftFoam midsoles are also approximately 30 percent more responsive, 25 percent lighter and require less energy to produce than Allbirds' current SweetFoam. In addition, nearly 100 percent of the excess waste created while making the midsole is recycled to craft the external heel counter

Tim Brown, co-chief executive and co-founder of Allbirds, said in a statement: “The Tree Flyer is a true technical and environmental achievement, and demonstrates that the right mix of expertise, diligence, and vision can lead to groundbreaking innovations.

“Getting this mix right, without a runner's performance or the planet left behind, represents one of the greatest challenges and opportunities for our team, and all footwear brands. I’m proud of this team for what they’ve achieved with the Tree Flyer. At Allbirds, we’re setting out to prove that you can create a running shoe that is truly better for the planet and pushes you to perform.”

The Allbirds Tree flyer will be available in five colourways: Lux Beige, Buoyant Yellow, Natural Black, and Buoyant Orange, priced 150 pounds from May 17.

Image: Allbirds
Image: Allbirds
Image: Allbirds
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