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Alvanon builds open education platform Motif with The Mills Fabrica

By Aileen Yu


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The Mills Fabrica has invested 2 million dollars in Motif, an open knowledge and education platform dedicated to the apparel, fashion and textiles space. As a joint partnership with Alvanon as Motfif’s incubator, Fabrica’s investment will help Motif bridge the skills gap within the fashion industry. Through their offering of world-class online courses and training, professional development and mentorship from the industry’s top practitioners, the platform is designed to empower professionals with the most highly sought-after skills.

Fabrica is the innovation arm of The Mills

Dedicated to creating techstyle startup success stories and building a global techstyle community, the Mills Fabrica is an open platform for innovation, facilitating collaboration between startups, brands, retailers, manufacturers, academic and research institutions and more.

The Mills Fabrica run a cross-border incubation programme both in Hong Kong and the UK, bridging the east and the west to support techstyle startups through exposure, connections and advisory. This provides startups access to our global network no matter where they are in the world.


As the fashion industry has been built on centuries of craftsmanship, there’s a clear need for these age-old techniques to combine with new technology. The platform houses a range of courses across different topics such as 3D transformation, apparel costing and sustainability. The courses are predominantly developed in-house by Motif, while some are sponsored or co-created with a growing list of industry partners including Alvanon, Li & Fung and TaF.tc (Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre in Singapore).

With the investment and partnership with The Mills Fabrica, Motif will gain access to its vast network and community of industry stakeholders and the partners will work together to promote greater knowledge sharing. The wider vision is to build an open, collaborative platform that allows brands, retailers and manufacturers to contribute their expertise towards valuable and high-quality educational content for the fashion industry.

Photos: courtesy of The Mills Fabrica

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