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Amazon struck by recurrent website outages

By Vivian Hendriksz

17 Feb 2015

Amazon customers across the UK and Europe encountered a number of issues on Monday as the Amazon website struggled to remain online for more than a few minutes.

It was the second day that the online retail giant website was having intermittent problems running its site, with the platform dropping offline several times. Amazon Prime customers also had trouble accessing content on the Prime service and connection to the video streaming service.

A number of disappointed users took to Twitter to share their frustrations with the websites issues:

However, it seems as if Amazon has been able to resolve its issues and the site is back up and running. An Amazon spokeswoman, who spoke to the Register, said: "The site is back up. Amazon’s systems are very complex and on rare occasions, despite our best efforts, they may experience problems. We work to minimise any disruption and to get the site back as quickly as possible." Following the announcement, more users took to Twitter and other social media platforms to celebrate the return of Amazon's website.

The online retail giant has yet to issue an official comment on the cause of the website outage.