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American Apparel expands inventory

By Sara Ehlers

4 May 2016

Los Angeles - American Apparel is finally expanding its product categories. The Los Angeles-based retail company just announced that it will be launching a new platform that will help the company to offer different fashion options in addition to apparel.

The new platform will connect American Apparel with vendors that offer fashion accessories and are interested in partnering with the company. This will include footwear, jewelry, and other accessories that can be sold in stores as well as online. American Apparel is looking specifically for items that can be produced in batches of 500 in 30 days, according to WWD. The products will also have to retail for under 100 dollars. This is a new way for the company to bring in more American-made products for the brand. “We’re super proud of the fact that we are all made in the USA and we felt that this was an amazing opportunity to bring in new accessories to our retail store and online,” Cynthia Erland, senior vice president of marketing, told the publication.

This is part of the company’s new plan to restructure and reorganize. In recent months, American Apparel emerged from bankruptcy. The company recently announced a round of layoffs last month for employees at American Apparel facilities. The restructuring plan has called for many changes, and expanding to new categories of fashion is one of the ways that the retailer is trying to improve.