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‘Antwerp Cyber Six’: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp alumni to present at Haute Couture Week

By Veerle Versteeg


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The designs of the 'Antwerp Cyber Six'. From left to right: Shayli Harrison, Flora Miranda, Stefan Kartchev, Brandon Wen, Maximilian Rittler and Nadav Perlman. Image courtesy of Mutani.

On the last day of Paris Haute Couture Week, on January 26, a group of six Antwerp-based fashion designers who all graduated from the city’s Royal Academy of Arts, will present a ‘digital couture collection’ in collaboration with digital fashion network Mutani, as per the Mutani newsletter.

The collective collection has been named ‘The Antwerp Cyber Six’, a reference to the Antwerp Six: a group of six designers who graduated from the academy of Antwerp in the 1980s and then made waves in the fashion world with their avant-garde designs.

Mutani capitalised on their legacy by recruiting six contemporary Antwerp creatives for a virtual fashion collection.

The six selected designers for the digital couture collection are Brandon Wen, director of the fashion department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Flora Miranda, Max Rittler, Nadav Perlman, Stefan Kartchev, and Shayli Harrison, founder of Mutani.

The most 'surreal' look from each designer was retrieved from their physical fashion archive. The looks were subsequently translated into the virtual items in collaboration with Berlin animation studio Ior50 Studio. Matching avatars were also developed for the looks.

The digital couture collection, as Mutani calls it, will be launched on the digital fashion marketplace Artisant on Thursday January 26 in the form of six NFTs.

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