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Ashish Gupta launches interiors collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Indian-born-London-based designer Ashish Gupta has made his first foray into interiors with an exclusive collection of embroidered Kantha blankets for MatchesFashion.com.

'The Delights of Lovers’ collection celebrates intimacy, humour and sex, with each of the one-of-a-kind blankets featuring graphics, patterns and poetry written by Gupta. Motifs include comic-book heroes and Disney princesses alongside erotic slogans and spiritual affirmations.

Inspired by the traditional Indian ‘Kantha’ process, which uses old saris to create intense and exquisite blankets, Ashish has instead remixed vintage fabrics to pay contemporary homage to this ancient technique. Each blanket is almost entirely made from recycled vintage and off-cut textiles that were hand-sewn in India, keeping traditional craftsmanship alive in the designer’s native home.

In a statement, Gupta explained that the use of sustainable vintage fabrics and the Kantha sewing technique “not only combines the east and the west, but also the old world with the new”.

‘The Delights of Lovers’ collection will be highlighted with an installation at MatchesFashion 5 Carlos Place store until July 20. The blankets are available in two sizes and priced 628 pounds and 1,135 pounds.

Images: courtesy of Ashish Gupta/MatchesFashion

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