Asics launches sunflower-themed collection to celebrate founder’s 100th anniversary

If Asics’ founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, were still alive today, he would be turning 100 years old on May 29. In honor of his legacy, Asics is set to launch a sunflower-themed limited-edition collection, as Onitsuka was a big fan of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh and even painted sunflowers himself. Named KO100, the collection will offer apparel and footwear in striking reds, oranges and yellows.

The collection includes three models of shoes, namely the Asics Gel-Quantum, AsicsTiger Gel-Mai and Onitsuka Tiger Corsair. The first one, which is set to cost 170 dollars, features separate styled for men and women, while the other two models are unisex and retail for 140 US dollars (approximately 126 pounds) and 120 US dollars (about 89 pounds) respectively. KO100 also includes a unisex set of T-shirt and pants with an embroidered gold sunflower. The T-shirts will retail for 150 US dollars (around 111 pounds), while the pants will sell for 100 US dollars (74 pounds). The apparel featured in the KO100 collection also includes a green twist, as 100 percent of it has been made from recycled materials. All products will be available in-store and on Asics’ website from May 29.

Asics launches sunflower-themed collection to celebrate founder’s 100th anniversary

Asics is also partnering up with non-profit organisation Right to Play, which helps children affected by conflict, disease and poverty in 16 countries. For each KO100 product sold, Asics will donate 10 dollars to the organisation. The money will be used to provide sport and play activities for Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon. The company stated that 10 dollars suffice to keep one child in the sports programme for 10 weeks.

Picture: courtesy of Asics


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