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Asics upcycles second-hand clothes to create new running shoes

By Tess Stenzel


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Japanese sports brand Asics has launched a new line of running shoes made from recycled second-hand clothing.

The Sunrise Reborn Pack features two new shoes in red colorways and was made using discarded clothing collected in Japan.

Using innovative technology, the company stated it can recycle, remake, and restyle discarded materials into new textile designs.

Asics used similar techniques to create and craft a range of upcycled apparel and footwear for its Japanese team during an international sporting event.

Yasuhito Hirota, president of Asics, stated in a press release, “We’re committed to playing our part in building a circular economy that helps reduce CO2 emissions and keep global warming at less than 1.5oC.”

“Through sustainable products like Sunrise Reborn Pack, we want to let people all over the world enjoy the mental and physical benefits of sport while preserving the planet for future generations to do the same.”

The limited-edition range is part of Asics’ ongoing mission to help minimize its products’ environmental footprint worldwide.

By 2030, the brand stated it aims to have reduced its CO2 emissions by 55 percent while also increasing the use of renewable energy sources to a minimum of 60 percent across its business bases. By 2050, it intends to have achieved net-zero CO2 emissions.

Image: Asics

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