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Asos improves sizing assistance with AI technology

By Robyn Turk


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Asos introduced a new tool to its online shopping experience to improve sizing assistance to its shoppers. Previously, shoppers could determine sizing on select items on the Asos site and app through telling it which sizes had worked in previous purchases. Its new tool uses artificial intelligence to help its consumers make an even more informed purchases.

This expansion into AI helps the solely digital retailer address a common flaw with online shopping: determining the right size without trying an item on.

Asos calls its new sizing tool the Fit Assistance. When shoppers use it, they are asked a series of questions including height, weight, age, hip and waist appearances, measurements, preferred fit (tight, average or loose), and their size in popular brands. After shoppers enter information, the AI immediately suggests a size and shows the percentage of other shoppers who responded similarly and which sizes they purchased. It reads: “This recommendation is based on the size that people like you bought, and whether they returned it.” It tells a percent of the chance that the shopper will be happy with the recommended size.

Fit Assistance is powered by FitAnalytics, a sizing platform that combines a platform that uses a database of garment information and purchase histories.

“We want to do all we can to make sure our customers are getting the right size, first time,” Asos’ digital product director Andy Berks told Computer Weekly. “This is where Asos Fit Assistant comes in – we can now offer personalised size recommendations across Asos collections, exclusive labels and fashion favorites. Ultimately, we’re here to make our customers’ lives easier, giving them the confidence to shop with us and minimizing the risk of disappointment when their Asos parcel arrives.”