Asos targets TikTok audience with a new campaign

Online fashion retailer Asos has launched a three-week campaign on TikTok in the UK and the US, featuring more than 25 leading content creators, with a combined following of over 219 million.

At the heart of the campaign is the #AySauce branded hashtag challenge, featuring a bespoke music track and an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience with TikTok’s branded effects.

The aim of the campaign, created in collaboration with marketing technology agency Byte and TikTok, is to target fashion-loving 20-something customers, and Asos have teamed up with some of the biggest TikTok creators including Loren Gray, who is known as “the original queen of TikTok”, Michael Le and Jordan Fisher in the US, while in the UK, talent includes Holly H, Luke Trotman of Love Island and social media duo the Neffati Brothers, renowned for their comedy sketches.

John Mooney, brand creative director at Asos, said in a statement: “We’re always evolving our content, social media strategy and channel focus to ensure we’re staying relevant to our fashion-loving 20-something customers.

“TikTok is a growing part of that mix, and we’re excited to see how our social content team can engage our customers in new ways through the #AySauce hashtag challenge over the coming weeks.”

The campaign kicked off this week, with all TikTok users in the UK greeted with Asos content upon opening the app through the platform’s TopView advertising solution.

TopView is a highly immersive, premium placement, which is the first video a user sees when they open TikTok, occupying the whole screen to drive brand awareness and engagement results, encouraging likes, comments, shares and follows.

Asos targets TikTok audience with a new campaign

Asos targets fashion-loving 20-somethings with TikTok campaign

In addition, Asos is launching the #AySauce branded hashtag challenge on the platform from August 31, which will ask target audiences over the following week to showcase three outfits of their choice in 15 seconds, using their own creativity and personality to bring their looks to life.

Challenge participants will be able to explore more content from Asos through an extra ‘Explore’ tab on the challenge page, where the online retailer will also run in-feed adverts throughout the campaign to reach TikTok users in their personalised ‘For You’ feeds where this video format fits seamlessly alongside user-generated content.

Inam Mahmood, managing director, global business solutions, UK, at TikTok added: “TikTok’s format and joyful tone encourages brands to be authentic and creative in a fully immersive, no judgement world. The team at Asos has really leaned into this and shown with its campaign that it understands what makes the platform unique – community, music and creativity. We’re excited to see the results we can help to deliver for Asos across the UK and US.”

Asos targets TikTok audience with a new campaign

To amplify the campaign, Asos has commissioned and produced its own track with Karm and has also co-created a unique branded effect AR experience with UK marketing technology agency, Byte, which brings the campaign graphics to life through hand gestures.

Alex Miller, co-founder of Byte, one of the first global TikTok effect partners, said: “Asos is yet again leading the way with the launch of this innovative campaign designed specifically for TikTok. Developing #AySauce has involved bringing together expertise in creative, media and tech as well as close collaboration with TikTok to create some new engaging experiences that will stand out and be very effective.”

In the US, Asos will run in-feed ads from August 31 through until September 14, alongside creator content on TikTok.

Images: courtesy of Asos


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