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Baukjen and Isabella Oliver sign G7 Fashion Pact

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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London-based House of Baukjen, which includes contemporary womenswear brand Baukjen and maternity wear label Isabella Oliver have announced that they are taking “further action towards a more sustainable future” by signing Emmanuel Macron’s G7 Fashion Pact in a bid to combat climate change.

The ethically and sustainably conscious womenswear and maternity wear brands join a coalition that includes 65 leading groups and brands in luxury, fashion, sports and lifestyle, along with suppliers and retailers, including Burberry, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Nike, who are all already involved in separate environmental strategies.

Members who sign the Fashion Pact's will work towards shared objectives drawing on science-based targets, focusing on action in three areas for safeguarding the planet: stopping global warming, by creating and deploying an action plan for achieving the objective of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Restoring biodiversity, by achieving objectives that use Science-Based Targets to restore natural ecosystems and protect species, and protecting the oceans, by reducing the fashion industry’s negative impact on the world’s oceans through practical initiatives, such as gradually removing the usage of single-use plastics.

House of Baukjen joins Chanel, Burberry and Alexander McQueen as members of the G7 Fashion Pact

Baukjen and Isabella Oliver co-founder and chief executive, Geoff van Sonsbeeck said in a statement: “It’s time for significant change in our industry. We have the power to do better and as a united front we can make that change.”

House of Baukjen, has made incredible progress in driving lasting and positive change in recent years, through a series of sustainable recommerce practices including, the launch of a clothing rental and pre-loved second-hand initiatives, recycling of garments, packaging and fabrics, as well as a commitment to a more ethical supply.

Van Sonsbeeck, added: “At Baukjen and Isabella Oliver the objectives of the Fashion Pact complement our own. We will continue support and work on these important initiatives to drive positive change, doing our best to vastly minimise our industry’s impact to the environment. We are passionate about our commitments to sustainability, working towards a brighter future for generations to come.”

In addition to supporting the Fashion Pact, the House of Baukjen is a pending Certified B-Corporation.

Images: courtesy of Baukjen and Isabella Oliver

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