Berlin streetwear label snubs Vetements with t-shirt collection

Hailed and feared for borrowing logos from brands and artists, French label Vetements also made use of the logo of a Berlin nightclub last year. The logo of the LGBTQ disco named Ficken3000 - literally translated as F***3000 - was printed on a black Vetements t-shirt without prior consent from the nightclub and now sells for more than 600 euros.

The owner of the iconic Berlin underground club, Frank Rediess, wasn’t amused by the appropriation of his logo and sued the hype label Vetements, without much success to date. But Berlin’s subculture found a creative way to fight back: The streetwear label Muschi Kreuzberg designed a collection, copying Vetements’ approach with a Berlin twist.

A series of limited-edition t-shirts, the “Comme des Vetements – Le Berlin Sellout Collection 2018”, have been sold in daily auctions since 12th October. The t-shirts mock the Vetements label, with its name rehashed with the logo of 15 iconic Berlin institutions such as the popular fast food joint Curry 36, and Spätkauf, the notorious late-night kiosks of the German capital. The t-shirts on the website of the streetwear label cost 36 euros and the proceeds will be donated to the nightclub.

Vetements hasn’t yet replied to an e-mail seeking a comment.

Photo: Screenshot Barneys online shop

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