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Bestseller brand JJXX launches first collection with international influencers

By Rachel Douglass

10 Sep 2021


Image: Bestseller, JJXX

New womenswear brand JJXX has joined the Jack and Jones family, launching its first collection and ambitious campaign that aims to “create awareness and reach as many young women as possible”.

Branded sweaters, knitted jumpers, leather trousers and poplin shirts are all part of the brand’s roster, with an emphasis on denim goods presented as go-to essentials that women can rely on.

As part of its launch, JJXX partnered with roughly 300 micro influencers from around the world with the the brand suggesting that their follower size doesn’t matter, only “how they express their personality” and “how they match the brand’s core values”.

“The different girls are carefully selected with a focus on their charisma, their style and their individual interests,” said Anders Gam, brand director of Jack & Jones and JJXX, in the release. “All the girls represent our brand personality - they are strong, happy, independent, confident and free. They have power and a personality that gives them an edge and sets them apart from others - just like JJXX.”

Dutch best friend duo Bruna Rizk and Amaka Hamelijnck, Spanish artist Inés Jimm and Italian windsurfer Greta Menardo all took part in the brand collaboration, each posting images of themselves wearing the latest collection on their social medias.

The brand was announced as part of the Jack & Jones family last year, who stated at the time it was expanding into the womenswear market and bringing its knowledge and experience in the denim industry with it.

The brand and collection are now available throughout stores in Europe and on the co-branded e-commerce site, next to parent retailer Jack and Jones.