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Bestseller launches genderless brand, Iiqual

By Huw Hughes


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Image: Iiqual via Bestseller

Danish fashion group Bestseller has announced the launch of a new gender-neutral brand called Iiqual.

Bestseller said the label comes in response to an increasing customer demand for genderless garments, and is aimed at “individuals who demand something different and relevant within fashion”.

Iiqual, which launches with its SS23 collection, is characterised by timeless, casual fits and versatile pieces that can be adjusted, rolled up or buttoned.

It also features “sustainable materials”, though specific examples weren’t provided in the announcement.

“People are not afraid to demand something different,” said head of brand Maria Dons. “We believe in making clothing that empowers people, for which there is a great need, especially after the pandemic.”

Jan Fahlmann, creative expression manager, said: “Iiqual is a one-stop fashion brand that combines gender inclusivity and sustainability. We recognize the constant change and diversity in society and make products that are commercial, high quality and gender neutral.

“At the same time, we are not here to define, but to inspire you to dress in a language that suits you.”

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