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Bestseller’s Noisy May goes independent

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

21 Mar 2017


Noisy May, which has been operating for the past four years as part of Bestseller’s Vero Moda is going to start operating independently from this month.

The Danish group announced that Noisy May would become an independent organisation and would sit alongside Vero Moda. However, Bestseller did add that this doesn’t mean that Noisy May is cutting all ties with the womenswear brand, instead insisting that it hopes for a “fruitful collaboration with its mothering brand down the line”.

“The Vero Moda organisation gave birth to us on 3 March 2013, today we are ready to leave the nest and tackle the world on our own,” said a spokesperson for Noisy May. “We appreciate where we come from and acknowledge that you’ve all had an enormous impact on our amazing results during the past 4 years.”

Noisy May targets what it calls “cheeky young fashionistas” with its denim and streetwear on-trend apparel, and by branching away from Vero Moda it will be able to expand its product line. It will however still be primarily distributed in Vero Moda stores.

Image: courtesy of Bestseller