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BFC launches Institute of Positive Fashion

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

10 Sept 2019

The British Fashion Council (BFC) is launching the Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF) to create an industry-wide coalition to help set industry standards to "embrace innovation and develop the need for leaders to create green businesses fit for the future and enable positive change”.

In a statement, the BFC said that it recognises that the fashion industry engages consumers daily, and whilst it is often seen as forward-thinking, it also appreciates that through global supply chains the industry can have a “negative impact” on the planet.

Through the IPF, the BFC is hoping to create an industry blueprint by bringing together expertise from different areas to help brands navigate an often hard to understand topic and kick-start a much-needed comprehensive step-change.

The blueprint it adds will be informed by research, expert opinion, industry insights and the “significant industry experience” of individual businesses and organisations, it hopes that the “power of collective effort will amplify independent activity”. It also adds that it believes the BFC is “uniquely placed” to help lead the change and accelerate an industry-led transition towards a sustainable future.

The IPF will “accelerate” progress made in all areas of sustainability, adds the BFC, and will create educational programmes and campaigns aimed at both industry and the public with the aim to “catalyse and expedite change”.

To coincide with London Fashion Week, DHL, in association with the BFC, have commissioned a White Paper highlighting the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. The paper, launching on September 13, will provide businesses with easy to follow recommendations ensuring positive fashion remains at the heart of the industry.

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