Online Gallery has discovered a selection of unsigned original Biba posters by James Wedge.

The Biba posters date from 1974 and supposed to hit the shop floor of all Biba boutiques. Unfortunately the posters never made it, as Biba went into bankruptcy.

The Biba brand was born in a London boutique in 1964. With taking it’s inspiration from Art Deco, Nouveau and the Golden Age, Biba was more a lifestyle then just fashion. The elegant shop offered its customers a complete new wardrobe, cosmetics, furniture and even wash powder with decadence. The Biba dream ended in 1975 and the shop had to close down. Even though some say the Biba experience lives on, the brand’s most recent relaunch in May 2006 under designer Bella Freud didn’t seem to be at the right time.

The Biba posters are available from £150 and up, depending on the frame. The gold Biba logo on the top left hand corner shows it’s authenticity.


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