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C+plus Series explores Freudian concepts at NYFW

By Kristopher Fraser

18 Feb 2021

C+plus Series designer C.T. Liu was inspired by famed psychologist Sigmund Freud’s concept of the ID, ego and super-ego within psychoanalytical theory that describes the activities and interactions of the mental life of a person — where that mental life is the function of an apparatus to which we describe the characteristics of being extended in space. Liu took this concept to create a narrative based on the psychology of extended space.

This resulted in a play on proportions with asymmetrical, body-fitting skirts, oversized jackets, and the occasionally oversized shoulder. C+plus Series was founded in 2018 on the concept of over-complication, meaning no design could be approached simply or minimally. While the collection did not take a true over-top the, maximalist approach, exaggerated wide cut pants, deconstructed jackets, and a combination of textures, like an asymmetrical skirt that was only half-pleated helped minimalism be avoided at all costs.

Silhouettes were crafted in bold and vibrant colors that represented self-consciousness and awakening. Cut with romantic fabrics, there was a balance of natural instinct and the possibility of self-selection, while retaining neutral elements and simple silhouettes to pursue the essence of the true ego. Soft and sturdy fabrics alike are twisted and gathered with deceiving wearability, function and experimentation. The reason for the deconstruction of the blazers and coats was to emphasize the idea of breaking through the tame and routine to explore the awakening of the super-ego. Throughout, elevated design elements such as layering and playful asymmetry underscore an alluringly confident and subversive approach to empowering everyday design.

With the talk of the future we have to look forward to in fashion as we emerge from COVID-19, C+plus Series has fashioned a future of new consciousness. The psychology of fashion has come into its super-ego.

photo: courtesy of C+plus Series