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Calvin Luo explores 80s and 90s at New York Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser

15 Feb 2019


The new favorite game to play at Fashion Week is what decade will Calvin Luo take us to next. This season the designer opted for New York in the late 80s to early 90s. Ironically, these were two very different periods in fashion, but somehow Luo managed to merge the two.

The collection was a combination of power dresser to punk and grunge, oh and lets not forget denim. Proportions were in play with exaggerated shoulders, reminiscent of the maximalist aesthetic of the eighties juxtaposed against minimalist elements like muted colors and clean lines.

It is a rare feat that a designer can take inspiration so strongly from a time period and not look like he's creating costumes for a television show, but Luo managed to pull this off with applause. His throwback styles had a strong modern twist, and could easily be seen on the street style stars of today. There was nothing that came off as too old or like a vintage replica.

The designer reinvented the meaning of power dressing, as it does not have to be some traditionally tailored suit like one would imagine. Rather one should embrace playing with elements of proportion and even color. Society is getting less traditional, so why shouldn't our definition of power dressing?

The designer continues to tell the story of a strong, independent woman, who is now accompanied by a man who lets her star shine, rather than telling her hide her light under a bushel.

photos: courtesy of REP Agency