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Camden Market announces fur ban

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Popular London shopping destination Camden Market is joining a long list of fur-free markets and retailers in the city, including Spitalfields, Selfridges and Liberty.

The market has confirmed that it will become fur-free from Thursday, March 1. The move follows an investigation from BBC London and the Humane Society International UK, which expose the sale of fake faux fur at several London markets including Camden.

A spokeswoman for Camden Markets said: “Having reviewed the position of the Market with regard to traders selling fur, Camden Market’s owners, LabTech will be implementing a ban on fur from March 1. Whilst we respect and encourage independent business, with many niche traders, we do not feel fur has a place in Camden Market.”

Humane Society International’s director Claire Bass, added: “Our investigations at London markets, including Camden, have found a huge volume of very cheap animal fur being sold as ‘fake fur’ and shoppers are rightly horrified by this. We are thrilled to see that the latest evidence we helped to uncover at Camden market has led to a complete ban on the sale of animal fur.

“Making the market fur-free is a very smart move by Camden’s managers, reflecting the fact that the vast majority of British shoppers want compassion in fashion, and so shun the ugly fur trade. Behind every fur item is the suffering and death of a wild animal, most of whom spend their entire lives in miserable deprivation on fur farms. Camden now joins the long and growing list of compassionate retailers and designers who are calling time on cruel fur, we now need government to ban imports of animal fur, sending a strong message that the UK won’t trade in animal suffering.”

The move was also supported by animal charity PETA, who’s director of corporate projects, Yvonne Taylor said: “Whether it’s a fluffy rabbit-fur key ring or a vintage fox-fur coat, all items made of fur are a product of extreme suffering. Today’s kind shoppers want nothing to do with cruelty – and PETA commends Camden Market for doing the right thing for animals and consumers.”

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